“Alf” Lighting and Grip Truck – Wellington Only | Rocket Rentals


Rocket Rental’s “Alf” Lighting and Grip Truck is an economical way of providing both Lighting and Grip Equipment in one tidy package.

Suitable for TVC’s,Television Production and Short Films the truck is based on a 3.5 litre diesel Mitsubushi Canter base with an aluminium body and its size and weight means it can be driven with a standard drivers licence and parked in a normal/large car park.

   Price on Enquiry – Auckland | Wellington

It also has internal 230/24 volt lighting for night use.

See a comprehensive list of contents in the ‘Equipment’ tab.

Other equipment can be added to the Truck at additional cost.

Truck Dimensions

Height: 3.1m

Length: 5.5m

Width: 2.2m

Alf is available in Wellington only.

Mileage .75c per KM.

HMI Bulb time $8.00 per hour.

Lighting Equipment

1x Arri M18 Lamp Head
2x Arri Sun 1.2k Par w/ Lenses
1x 1800/1200 Highspeed Ballast
1x 1200/575 Highspeed Ballast
1x 1200/575 50hz/60hz Ballast

Tungsten (spare bulb per lamp)

2x 2000w Blondes
2x 1000w Fresnels
2x 800w Redheads
4x 650w Fresnels
2x 300w Fresnels
2x 2Kw Dimmers
1x Kino Diva 400 2ft 4 bank

6x Matthews Triple Riser Combo Stands
3x Digi Combos
3x Low Boys
9x C-Stands
6x 5/8ths Stands

Light Control
1x 12 x 12 Frame
1x 8 x 8 Frame
1x 12 x 12 1/4 Grid, 1/2 Grid, Full Grid
1x 12 x 12 Solid
1x 12 x 12 Ultrabounce
1x 8 x 8 1/4 Grid, 12 Grid, Full Grid
1x 8 x 8 Solid
1x 8 x 8 Ultrabounce

4x 4 x 4 Solid Floppies
3x 3 x 2 Solids
1x 4 x 4 216 Frame, 250 Frame, 251 Frame
1x 3 x 3 250 Frame, 251 Frame

3x Residual Current Devices

14x 10amp Extension Leads

20x Sandbags


1x Fire Extinguisher
1x External Power Cord for Truck


Grip Equipment

1x Egripment Matador Dolly with accessories
1x Push/Pull Frame
1x Steering Bar
1 Set of Boogie Wheels for Track
2x Side Boards
1x 30cm Camera Riser
1x 40cm Camera Riser
1x 20cm Camera Riser with 150mm Bowl w/ 100mm Bowl Adaptor
1x 15cm Seat Riser
1x 30cm Seat Riser
2x 30cm Seat Extensions
2x Seats
2x 8′ Length of Matthews Stainless Steel Track
1x 4′ Length of Matthews Stainless Steel Track

12x 900mm 3″x2″ Sleepers
1x Spirit Level
1x CineKinetic MiniJib and Accessories

1x 100mm Bowl Adaptor

1x 20kg Counterbalance Weight
2x Sets of Apple Boxes
1x Heavy Duty Stapler and Staples

Dulling Spray
1x 1.5metre Step Ladder
Gaffer Tape
Sash Cord

3x Magic Arm
9x Super Clamps
10x Mathelinis
2x Big Ben
6x 4 1/2 inch Gripheads
1x Suction Cup with 5/8″ spigot

10x 5/8″ Spigots

Camera Equipment

1x HiHat (150mm Bowl)
1x Low Legs (150mm Bowl)
1x Hi Legs
150mm Sachtler Head