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The ALEXA XT adds a number of improvements to the base model ALEXA: in-camera ARRIRAW recording, internal ND filtration, an Open Gate active sensor, CDL capture, LDS PL mount, new viewfinder mounting bracket, included anamorphic de-squeeze and high speed licenses as well as a new, super silent fan.

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These features expand on the benefits that have already made ALEXA such a success – exceptional image quality and low production cost through reliability, ergonomics and efficient workflows.

The smallest and most advanced ALEXA XT camera
The ALEXA XT delivers exceptional image performance, efficient and versatile workflows, simple and safe operation and an open, future-proof architecture.
Faster, lighter and more affordable ARRIRAW
The XR Module allows in-camera ARRIRAW recording up to 120 fps onto exceptionally fast and rugged 512 GB XR Capture Drives. This not only makes for a smaller and lighter camera package, it also simplifies setup and operation while avoiding unnecessary cabling. The result is an even faster and more reliable way to record ARRIRAW, ALEXA’s highest quality image output. The Single Dock USB3 allows safe copying of this data to a Retina MacBook Pro, and the Dual Dock can make clones of XR Capture Drives and connect to a Mac Pro via SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) for high speed copying.
Camera Type35 format film-style digital camera with an electronic viewfinder, an Open Gate 4:3/16:9 switchable active sensor area, built-in filter holder, Lens Data System, integrated shoulder arch and receptacles for 15 mm lightweight rods
Sensor35 format ALEV III CMOS sensor with Dual Gain Architecture (DGA) and Bayer pattern color filter array.
Operating Modes16:9, 4:3 or Open Gate sensor modes. Switching takes approx. 60 seconds. 4:3 only available for ARRIRAW and ProRes 2K recording. Open Gate only available for ARRIRAW recording.
Regular or High Speed mode. Switching takes approx. 40 seconds. High Speed mode is only available for 16:9 sensor mode.
Frame Rates 16:9ARRIRAW 0.75 – 120 fps
ProRes HD 0.75 – 120 fps
ProRes 2K 0.75 – 60 fps
DNxHD HD 0.75 – 120 fps
Frame Rates 4:3ARRIRAW 0.75 – 90 fps
ProRes 2K 0.75 – 48 fps
ShutterElectronic rolling shutter, 5.0º – 358.0º up to 60 fps; 5.0° to 356° above 60 fps. Shutter angle adjustable with 1/10 degree precision.
FiltersBuilt-in Internal Filter Module (IFM-1) filter holder. Accepts one of eight Full Spectrum Neutral Density (FSND) filters, manual insertion/removal. Permanent filters in front of the sensor: optical low pass, UV, IR
Exposure Latitude14+ stops for all sensitivity settings from EI 160 to EI 3200, as measured with the ARRI Dynamic Range Test Chart (DRTC).
White BalancePresets for 3200 (tungsten), 4300 (fluorescent), 5600 (daylight) and 7000 (daylight cool). Automatic calculation or manual white balance for 2000 to 11000 Kelvin, adjustable in 100 K steps
DimensionsLength: 332 mm/12.95”, width: 161 mm/6.33”, height: 158 mm/6.22”
WeightALEXA XT body with XR Module: 6.6 kg/14.5 lbs.
ALEXA XT body with XR Module, electronic viewfinder and handle: 8.0 kg/17.6 lbs.