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Kino Mini Flo

The Mini-Flo System, sometimes called a car kit, can be found most often lighting night time car interiors and other small areas.

  $60.00 P/DAY + 10% INS & GST – Auckland | Wellington

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However, over the years, the Mini-Flo’s unique lightweight and colour control features have endeared it to video and broadcast lighting designers as a cool, efficient chin light for speakers at a podium or news anchors in a TV studio.
Kit includes:

2 x Kino Mini Flo Heads
Kino-Flo 55 tubes
Kino-Flo 32 tubes
2 x DC ballast
2 x AC power supply and power cables.
12v block batteries.

Kino Diva 400

DIVA-LITE softlights are ideal for interior lighting.

They can run both tungsten or daylight-balanced lamps.

   $70.00 P/DAY + 10% INS & GST – Auckland | Wellington

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The long-life lamps operate coolly, so they won’t overheat your subject. Rapid drop-off from the soft light doesn’t wash out the background on tight shots.