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ARRI Alexa XT – Beautiful images – Available for hire

Rocket now has the latest top of the line ARRI ALEXA XT available, either in Auckland or Wellington.

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Call Dave for quotes and rates. Dave is a magician and he will come up with a rate that fits your budget yet also delivers you the gear package you need to create a brilliant looking product.

is an extraordinary 35 format film-style digital camera system designed for the motion picture and broadcast markets. ALEXA cameras offer exceptional image quality with the organic look and feel of film; their unequalled exposure latitude, high sensitivity and unique ARRI colour processing provide sharp and natural images for 2K and HD with a cinematic look of breath-taking richness and detail.

Sony F3 and Alf Lighting Grip Truck Deal for Short Films and Music Videos

Rocket is offering the Sony F3 kit plus Alf Lighting/Grip truck for short film and music video producers for $900.00 per day.

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The Sony F3 camera has a 35mm sized CMOS sensor and a PL mount to take cine-style lenses.
As well as the F3 camera body the offer includes our Ultra Prime lens kit, the Small HD DP6 monitor, Cineroid viewfinder, matte box, follow focus and also the Nanoflash to take full advantage of the F3’s capabilities.
Alf, our lighting/grip truck is a compact Mitsubishi Canter 3.5 litre diesel. It can be driven on a standard license and its dimension make it suited to travel around town. Alf contains both daylight and tungsten lighting, lighting control, dolly with track and rigging equipment. Alf is avaliable in Wellington only.


Camera Body with PL Mount
Ultra Prime Lenses
Matte Box
Follow Focus
Small HD DP6 Monitor


Kit includes 1.2k HMI Par and Fresnels and openface and Fresnel tungsten lights.
Matador Dolly with 20′ of Matthews Stainless Steel track, rubber wheels and boogie wheels for track.
Lighting control.
Height; 3.1m. Length; 5.5m. Width; 2.2m.
Alf is avaliable in Wellington only.

Please note the deal is exclusive of 10% insurance and GST. Mileage .75c per Km. Each hour of bulb time costs $8.00.