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How do I make a booking?

We accept equipment bookings/enquiries in person, by phone or by email.
For Auckland bookings please contact our Auckland office on 09 373 4330 or email:
For Wellington bookings please contact our Wellington office on 04 499 9225 or email:

Does Rocket operate a pencil-booking system?
Yes, you can pencil book equipment for dates that are yet to be confirmed. If we get conflicting bookings you may be asked to confirm or release your booking within a 48hr time period.
If you make a pencil booking and for whatever reason you no longer require the equipment, please call to release the pencil booking.

How are the rates calculated?

The hire period for one day is calculated from 08:00 to 08:00 (i.e. 24hr period).
Equipment is hired out at its specified daily rate, and for longer duration shoots, the following hire rate system applies.
If the hire period is between 3 and 5 days, the charge will be for 3 days hire only.
If the hire period is between 4 and 7days, the charge will be for 4 days hire only.
For longer periods of hire please contact us to discuss a competitive rate.

Are half day hire rates available?
Half day rates only apply to some high-ticket items, and are calculated at 75% of the daily charge.

Are there any charges for late returns?
Within reason, a late fee may be charged for any equipment returned late.

What about cancellation fees?
Cancellation fees are avoided wherever possible and are usually only charged if the shoot is cancelled at short notice and other work has been turned away. Cancellation fees vary, and will be discussed in full at the time of booking.

What happens if I damage or lose equipment?
Rocket’s insurance excess is $2,000 NZD. This means the hirer is liable for up to $2,000 NZD for any lost or damaged equipment in their care. Please see the Insurance section for more details regarding cover.

What is required of the first time hirer when collecting equipment?
All new customers collecting a hire must arrive at our office in person and provide their details including a photo ID, so a Cash Account can be set-up. A photocopy of your ID will be taken for our records.
With a Cash Account you will be required to pay for the hire at the time of pick-up. Please see the Forms of Payment section for more details.

How do I pay for the hire?
Payment can be made by Cash, Credit Card (MasterCard or Visa), Eftpos, Direct Debit, or Electronic Transfer.
Please note that if transferring payment internationally via electronic transfer an additional $25 NZD transfer fee will added to the total cost of your hire.

How do I set up a credit account?
A credit account is available for customers who have come to use our service on a regular basis.
Download a copy of the Credit Application Form below and post it to the address below, or fax it to 09-373 4331
or email it to

Rocket Rentals NZ Ltd
PO Box 46033
Herne Bay
Auckland 1147

 Rocket Rentals Credit Application Form

Insurance – Hire
How is the insurance charged?
A 10% insurance fee is added to the total cost of the hire before GST.

What am I insured against?
The hirer is insured against: Damage to the equipment, which means direct physical loss of, or damage to, the equipment but not loss of use of, both in New Zealand and most overseas countries.

International shoots
Insurance is void in some countries, such as Iraq & Afghanistan. If you are planning an overseas shoot please discuss your travel and insurance requirements at the time of the booking.

What is the excess?
Rocket’s insurance excess is $2,000 NZD. This means the hirer is liable for up to $2,000 NZD for any lost or damaged equipment in their care. Please read the PDF of the full terms and conditions of hire.

What happens if I damage or lose equipment?
The hirer is required to contact us immediately if equipment is damaged lost or stolen, and in the case of theft or burglary make an immediate report to the Police. Rocket will require a copy of the Police report.

Rocket Rentals Insurer
Crombie Lockwood (NZ) Ltd
Private Bag 68910, Newton, Auckland 1145
Level 5, 33 Enfield Street, Auckland
Tel +64(0)9 623 9900 Fax +64 (0)9 623 9901
Contact: Martin Trendall

Arranging Your Own Insurance.
Your own Insurance must cover Loss or Damage to the equipment and up to 13 weeks loss of use when Rocket is unable to hire to another customer if equipment has been lost or damaged. Your cover must be approved by our insurers. Rocket Rentals will require to-sight evidence of your cover on your insurer’s letterhead before the hire starts. The hirer is responsible for all aspects of arranging this confirmation letter from Rocket Rentals insurers, before any equipment can be released by Rocket Rentals.

Void Insurance
All insurance policies have exclusions and those currently applicable for Rocket are detailed below:
Please note: we do not allow our equipment to be used in any of the following situations, and if it is or if damage occurs which our insurers decline to pay for, the insurance cover will be void and you will be deemed the insurer and become liable for the cost of any and all damage, repairs and consequential loss claims.
War zones, Political unrest zones, Natural disaster zones or any Hazardous Zones.
Exposure to water and or sand risks, without an appropriate housing (specific to the equipment in use) to withstand water or sand damage.
Adventure activities such as rock-climbing, white-water rafting, parachuting, skiing, motor racing and the like where the equipment is part of the activity.
Use of equipment on boats or any other form of transport inappropriate for weather conditions.
Exposure of the equipment to any unusual hazard that you may become aware of during the shoot.
Please note: Equipment can be transported in aircraft and helicopters, in appropriate weather conditions, and can be used in aircraft and helicopters with appropriate approved safety attachments.

Rocket Rentals Insurers shall not be liable to indemnify the Insured against Damage caused by or resulting from:

  1. insects, vermin, inherent vice, wear, tear, gradual deterioration, dampness of atmosphere, extremes or changes of temperatures, shrinkage, evaporation, loss of weight, leakage of contents, unless caused by an Occurrence not otherwise excluded;
  2. any work, process, experimentation, tests, repairing, restoration, conversion or partial conversion, retouching, painting, cleaning or any other form of process performed or undertaken by or on behalf of the Insured or at the Insured’s direction, unless accidental fire or explosion ensues and then only for the Damage caused by such ensuing fire or explosion;
  3. shortage of inventory (including unexplained shortage);
  4. unexplained disappearance;
  5. rain, sleet, snow or hail whether driven by wind or not, to Property stored in the open;
  6. any electrical injury or disturbance to electrical appliances, devices, fixtures or wiring caused by electrical currents artificially generated, within the property or facilities used by the Insured in connection with the Production, unless fire ensues and then only for the Damage caused by such ensuing fire;
  7. Damage to Property caused intentionally by or at the direction of the Insured.
  8. war, invasion, act of foreign enemies, hostilities (whether war be declared or not), rebellion, revolution, insurrection, military or usurped power or confiscation or nationalisation or requisition or destruction of or damage to property by or under the order of any government or public or local authority;
  9. ionizing radiations or contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear fuel or from any nuclear waste from the combustion of any nuclear fuel;
  10. the radioactive, toxic, explosive or other hazardous properties of any explosive nuclear assembly or nuclear component thereof;
  11. any circumstances existing prior to or at the inception of this Policy and which the Insured knew or ought reasonably to have known could give rise to a claim.
Office Hours – Hire
Office opening hours are from 08:00 to 17:30 Monday to Friday.

Does Rocket have after hours pick-up and drop-off facilities?
Yes, we operate a night locker system at both our Auckland and Wellington locations for collecting and returning equipment. You can arrange to use the night locker prior to the start of your hire.

Does Rocket provide an emergency after hour service?
Yes, we have an after-hours on-call Rocket staff member in both Wellington and Auckland should you require assistance. If you call to arrange a hire outside of normal office hours, and a Rocket staff member is called out to provide equipment, a call-out fee will be added to the hire charge.
Rocket – Terms of Trade
Please download our Terms of Trade – these are printed on the back of all Rental and Crew contracts.

Terms of Trade – Rocket Rentals