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Mo Arend

Technical Supervisor

Mo  is a talented hardworking industry professional able to bring a wealth of experience to your next shoot or production. His skill base is very solid and covers a wide range of areas. Mo is a senior technical supervisor/consultant able to manage high end Single Cam and Multi-camera shoots covering off engineer/technician (HD/SD) roles.

More Information

 Mo CV (PDF)

Mo has successfully filled this position on well-known shows such as SA Fear Factor for 7 seasons and SA Master Chef for 2 seasons.

Mo is also an experienced digital camera operator, camera assist, sound operator and high level data wrangler. He can work OPC if required, works quickly, fits in any were, and gets on with the job with a can do attitude.

Contact Lee at Rocket – 021 480 211 – for quotes or rates.

Recent Career History – Snapshot 

Career Summary

Senior technical supervisor Digital film consultant Camera operator, experienced / D.I.T Camera Assistant Experienced Data Wrangler

Key Skills

Complete technical proficiency on Sony prosumer and professional digital video cameras

Arri Alexa

Red Epic

Phantom HD

Data wrangling / FCP / Red Cine (All solid state formats)

Single Cam and Multi-camera Engineer/technician (HD)

Sound Engineering

Camera Assisting

Transcoding all digital camera formats (Arri Alexa, Red 1,Phantom HD, XDCAM, EX1/3 Canon 5D etc.)

Tape and Digital transfers

On set Media/Data wrangling

Single and Multi cam engineer/technician (HD)

Camera operator (All Video Camera Formats)

Recent Career History – Snapshot 

Master Chef South Africa (Seasons I and II) – Reality TV Show

Fear Factor Malaysia – Reality TV Show (Production: Endemol)
Responsibilities: Engineer / Technician

Prize Island (Mozambique) – Reality TV Show (Production: Endemol UK)
Responsibilities: Data Wrangler / Management

Interview: Desmond Tutu and David Frost (Production:  Aljazeera International)
Responsibilities: Camera Operator

SA’s Got Talent Season 3 – Reality TV show (Production: Rapid Blue)
Responsibilities: Sound Operator

Oasis Corporate
Responsibilities: Camera Operator – Data Wrangler / Management

African Cosmos: Educational Film
Responsibilities: Sound engineer – Data Wrangler

How we invented the world: Commercial
Responsibilities: Data Wrangler